Friday, August 31, 2012

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Tire

In today`s society, we are becoming more and more environmentally friendly. And one of the many ways that individuals are doing their part is by purchasing eco-friendly products. Bridgestone`s Ecopia EP422 tire is one way that you can do your part in protecting the environment, while at the same time receiving a great product for yourself. Let`s take a closer look at the eco-friendly Bridgestone EcopiaEP422 tire.

About being eco friendly

One of the largest tire and rubber manufacturer`s in the world, Bridgestone is constantly looking for new ways to better themselves and their products. One of the ways they decided to do this was by making products that were more eco-friendly. While not all of the Bridgestone products are created this way, you can tell eco-friendly tires apart from the rest because they will be given an "eco" designation. But what makes these products more eco-friendly than the rest? The Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 tire is designed with:

  • Improved rolling resistance - this reduces fuel consumption and thereby also reduces emissions
  • Reduced tire weight - this means less resources are needed to create the tire
  • Environmentally conscious materials

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 tire - Features

  • NanoPro Tech - A new type of rubber compound, the NanoPro Tech helps to create tighter molecular bonds between different materials within the tire. In return, you receive improved rolling resistance and better fuel efficiency.
  • Fuel saver sidewall compound - This is a rubber compound that is found in the shoulders and sidewall of the tire. Designed to return energy to the tire, this feature also helps to improve rolling resistance.
  • Silica compound - This helps to increase the flexibility of your tread compound, thereby improving both treadwear and grip.
  • Nylon wrapped steel belts - These help to improve ride comfort, as well as increase control at high speeds.
  • Recycled rubber - Bridgestone's Ecopia EP422 tire uses 5% recycled rubber from old tires, thereby increasing it's "eco-friendly" name.

Manufacturer ratings

When you look on the Bridgestone website, you will find feature ratings for each of their tires. Here is how they rate the features (on a scale of 1 to 10) for the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 tire:

  • Scoring a 10 - Fuel efficiency
  • Scoring a 9 - Wear life
  • Scoring an 8 - Quiet ride and ride comfort
  • Scoring a 7 - Winter performance
  • Scoring a 5 - Dry performance and wet performance

Warranty information

The Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 tire comes with a Platinum Pact limited warranty that will replace the tire for any damages that were under manufacturer's control. Limitations and exclusions do apply.

In sum, the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 tire is an all season, eco-friendly tire that offers excellent fuel efficiency, combined with a smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride. And while the tire could definitely improve in the area of wet and dry performance, it is a great choice for year round driving and will provide you with great value for the price.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hankook Tires DynaPro AS RH03-LT Tire

Hankook Tire's DynaPro AS RH03-LT tire is a highway all-season light truck tire that is designed for driving comfort, extended tread life, and all season driving. Often used as Original Equipment, these tires are commonly found on light to medium duty vans, crossovers, sport utility vehicles, trucks, and pickup trucks. Let's take a closer look at Hankook tires, as well as the outlook for the DynaPro AS RH03-LT tire.

About Hankook...

Hankook is a company that has been manufacturing tires for over 60 years. Now one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, Hankook has a solid relationship with many auto manufacturer's who use their tires as original equipment. Not only does this show that Hankook is a success in the automotive industry, but it also shows that they are a company who provides high quality tires at a great value. When you buy tires from Hankook, you are purchasing tires that are trusted by original automotive manufacturers and you know they can be trusted to provide you with a great product.

About the Hankook DynaPro AS RH03-LT tire

The Hankook DynaProAS RH03-LT tire is an all-season tire that has a Q speed rating of 99 miles per hour. They are frequently used as original equipment (O.E) for vans, SUV's, and light trucks, meaning that they are the tires that many manufacturers put on their vehicles before sale. One of the main features of the Dyna Pro AS RH03-LT tire is that it was developed with high sipe density, as well as interlocking intermediate ribs. This means that the tire is designed to provide you with a quieter, smoother ride, as well as improved performance and traction abilities.

The biggest downfall of the this tire is that, although it is labelled as an all-season tire, the traction abilities are best on dry pavement. Many of the negative reviews focusing on this tire emphasize the fact that they are not meant meant for off road driving, driving in dirt, or icy and snowy weather conditions. Most other reviews of the tire seem to be especially positive, particularly by those who are using them for dry weather conditions. The majority of positive reviews focus on the fact that this tire is affordable, quiet, and smooth riding. To read reviews about this tire, visit

Are Hankook DynaPro AS RH03LT tires the right fit for you?

The reviews for this tire are fairly mixed, and seem to be based on driving conditions. If you are using these tires for all-season, dry road conditions, than you will probably be very pleased with their quality, performance, and value. Having said that, those who are looking to drive in muddy, gravelly, dirty, or snowy conditions on a regular basis should probably steer clear of these tires and search for a tire that incorporates wet weather features instead.

The verdict...

Hankook DynaPro AS RH03LT tires are offered at a relatively low price. But despite their low price, they are extremely good value for those who are looking for three-season driving. If you are looking for winter or off-road tires, these are not for you. If you are looking for anything else, these tires are an excellent value and will provide you with great performance qualities.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bridgestone Turanza with Serenity Technology Tire

If you are looking for a tire that is built for performance and comfort, you might be looking for the Bridgestone Turanza with Serenity Technology Tire. Built for perfectionists, this tire has a variety of different features that make it a favorite among buyers. The elegant design of this tire earns praise from even the most critical of drivers, earning it a spot as one of the top tires on the market. Let's take a closer look at this tire, as well as different features that it has to offer.

About the brand

Among tire manufacturers, Bridgestone is included within the top three largest manufacturers worldwide. Based out of Tokyo with a headquarters in Nashville, the Bridgestone corporation manufacturers several tire brands including Bridgestone, Dayton, Fusion, and many more. Supplying the United States with many different types of tires, Bridgestone is a trustworthy name that rates highly among drivers.


The BridgestoneTuranza with serenity technology tire is a grand touring all-season tire. Designed for sporty coupes and luxury performance sedans, this tire provides drivers with a smooth, quiet ride that has great traction in dry, wet, and even snowy weather.

With a silica-reinforced mold and a long link carbon black tread with asymmetric design, this tire provides drivers with noise reduction, as well as excellent straight line stability. The tire is also equipped with 3 lateral grooves that help to resist hydroplaning, and steel belts to enhance handling and speed performance.


Mid-end grooves that help to reduce noise levels and prevent irregular tread-wear
3D sipes that help to improve performance in wet weather and increase durability
Silent C-S-C that helps to keep noise to a minimum
Asymmetric cavity shape that helps to improve handling and reduce vertical vibration
High angle grooves that help to prevent hydroplaning

Altogether, this tire rates high on the performance scale. If you were to rate features of this tire on a scale from 1 to 10, ride comfort and noise reduction would be the two top rated features, both scoring an even 10. The Bridgestone Turanza with serenity technology tire would also receive high ratings regarding tread life, scoring a 9 on this feature. Wet performance, fuel efficiency, and winter performance would all be rated at a 7, and dry performance rated at a 6.

In addition to the features listed above, the Bridgestone Turanza with serenity technology tire also receives the designation of being an "eco-product". With these eco-friendly tires, you can feel assured that your tires will have improved rolling resistance (to increase fuel efficiency and decrease harmful emissions), longer lasting tread (to reduce resources needed for new tires), and materials that are environmentally conscious.

If you are looking for an all season touring tire, the Bridgestone Turanza with serenity technology may be exactly what you are looking for. Rating high for ride comfort, noise reduction, tread life, fuel efficiency, and wet and winter performance, it is difficult to criticize this tire. To learn more about the Bridgestone Turanza with Serenity technology, contact a retailer near you. 

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hankook Tires DynaPro ATM RF10 Tire

If you are looking for an aggressive all-terrain tire, Hankook may have exactly what you are looking for. The Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 tire is an all-terrain tire that is designed for trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles. There are a variety of different features that are incorporated into the DynaPro tire that make it a favorite among drivers. Let's take a look at what these features are, as well as a little bit of history regarding the Hankook brand and what it has to offer.

A brief overview of Hankook tires....

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Hankook is one of the largest tire manufacturing companies in the world. Providing OEM tires to many of the top vehicle manufacturers, Hankook also produces OEM batteries, brake pads, and alloy wheels. Selling products in over 180 countries around the world, Hankook is a name brand that is trusted and loved by many. The Hankook name is a sign that you are getting a high quality product that will definitely live up to the name.

Features of the DynaPro ATM RF10 tire...

When it comes to tires, there are many different features that can work to increase performance. When Hankook created the DynaPro ATM RF10 tire, many of these features were taken into consideration and used to design a tire that could stand up in all driving conditions. Here are a few features that you will find incorporated into the DynaPro tire:

  • Scallop grooves between tread blocks to help increase traction when driving off-road
  • Tiered side grooves that decrease the moving angle of the tread block. The result? Better performance when cornering
  • Two step sipes that work to increase performance in wet driving conditions and also work to extend tread life
  • Stone ejectors located in the grooves that prevent damage and increase handling performance
  • Durable construction including a nylon belt, an under-tread gauge, a thick inner liner, and a special tread compound. These help to improve tread life and reduce the risk of damage.
  • Rugged Puncture resistance to improve traction and guard against damage
  • Wide footprints to prevent uneven wear and improve grip

Pros and cons of the Dynapro ATM RF10 tire....

There are many benefits that come along with the purchase of these tires. The most obvious benefit and most pronounced characteristic of these tires is that they are able to handle all driving conditions. The Dynapro ATM RF10 tire can be driven in rainy, dry, or snowy weather. They can also be driven in the mud, in the gravel, in the dirt, or in other terrain. In addition, the steering response is impressive, the tread life is excellent, and they are very quiet in performance. The main downfall of these tires is that the sidewall is not as stiff as it could be, leaving the tire lacking in cornering power.

The verdict...

The main reason that people purchase the DynaPro ATM RF10 is the affordable pricing, but don't let the low cost fool you. This is a great tire that offers excellent performance on and off road. While they don't have anything unbelievable to offer, these tires are high quality and are excellent for all-terrain driving. They also come with five year warranty, and will usually last around 40, 000 miles. 

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