Monday, March 26, 2012

GT Radial Tires Thorough Process of Testing

Looking for a new set of tires for your vehicle? Why not try GT radial tires?. GT Radial tires is one of the most trusted tire name brands on the market today. Why? The main reason for this is because of the rigorous testing and quality control systems that they put all of their tires through. Let's learn more about GT tires and the testing that they put their tires through to learn why they are one of the highest quality brands on the market today.
A Look at the Process of Testing:

GT Radial tires offer nothing but top of the line quality. How can you be so sure? The main reason for this is the rigorous testing that all products are put through.

GT's tires are put through both visual and automated inspections at each step throughout the production process. By using both computerized tests and human inspection tests, GT Radial is able to catch any defect that might be affecting their products.

GT tires are examined on the outside, as well as on the inside. With the help of x-ray machines, employees can easily catch any defects that may be located on the inside of the tire as well.

The Testing Process:

It Begins with a Computer Simulation...

Computer simulation is the first testing phase at GT Radial. Using specialized software, each detail of the tires profile is refined. After these details are refined, a mold is produced.

Next Comes the Indoor Tests...

Once the mold is finished, it is subjected to a variety of indoor tests. Using over thirteen different types of complex machinery, GT tire is able to test everything about a tire including its wet and dry traction performance, its stopping abilities, its handling abilities, its rolling resistance, and its mileage capacities. If all abilities pass the test, the tire is then sent onto the next stage of testing.

Final Stage of Testing - The Proving Grounds

If the tire passes the first two stages of testing, it will be sent onto the proving grounds.
Currently, there are three different locations that are used for this purpose. They are as follows; UK, Finland, and China. During the proving grounds phase, the tires are sent out for real world scenario testing. During the proving grounds phase, the tires are tested for several things. Included within these are ride comfort, stability, noise levels, wet handling, cornering and braking capabilities.

Putting the Tire on the Market...

All tires must pass these three testing phases in order to be considered as ready for sale. If their reputation is not enough to convince you that GT tires offers a safe and durable product, their rigorous testing process should be. And at GT tires they want to ensure that their customers are getting the highest quality and safest products on the market - and quality + safety = a happy customer! If you are looking to purchase new GT Radial tires today, then check out your local retail dealer.

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