Thursday, March 22, 2012

The History of Bridgestone Tires

Looking for a tire name brand that you can trust? Try Bridgestone tires. In business since the 1930’s, Bridgestone is committed to making their customers happy. Let’s find out how the Bridgestone company got started.
History of Bridgestone

Bridgestone has been in business for many years. One thing that you should know about Bridgestone, however, is that it is just as successful as it is old. What makes it so successful? To begin with, Bridgestone is actually a combination of two great companies. In the year of 1988, Bridgestone combined with another well known tire company - Firestone. This merge made Bridgestone the largest tire company in the world, from which point the business began to grow and expand even further.

Bridgestone As It Stands Today

With its main headquarters operating out of Tennessee, Bridgestone is one of the largest tire companies in America. To date, Bridgestone has over fifty different product locations and employs over 50, 000 people.

What Bridgestone is Known For...

In the tire industry, Bridgestone is a highly respected name brand. High performance and high quality - that is what Bridgestone is most known for. Showing just how confident they are in their own products, Bridgestone offers a 3-year Platinum warranty with all tire sales. And because tires are so expensive, a good warranty is an important thing to have. This is a much better warranty than you will find with most other tire companies.

Website Information...

As with most products, you can find out a great deal about Bridgestone from their website. If you want to explore different tire options, you can use the search box to narrow down your options based on your vehicle make and model.

If you are unsure of different tire types and options for your vehicle, the Bridgestone website is a great place to start looking. Each tire on the website is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 regarding several different features such as their ride comfort, sound and winter performance, efficiency, wear life, and wet/dry performance. This means you can quickly and easily find the right tires for your personal needs and preferences.

Bridgestone’s website also includes various links to tire safety tips and information. Whether you are looking for how to care for your new tires or how to tell when it is time for new one, you can find all of this information on their website.

I Want Bridgestone Tires. Where Can I Get Some?

Again, the Bridgestone website is the best source of information regarding tires and where to find them. Simply click on the ‘contact us’ section of the website and search for a location near your city.

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