Friday, March 23, 2012

The Vision of Continental Tire

What do you look for when purchasing new tires? If sustainability, performance, comfort, and safety are on your list, Continental is a great choice. An extremely popular and well-respected brand of tire, Continental has been putting smiles on their customers faces for years. Let's take a closer look at both the history and vision of the company.

Continental’s Vision

Continental tire is dedicated to providing their customers with tires that are each comfortable, safe, sustainable, and high in performance. Like all companies, Continental tire is dedicated to manufacturing the safest tires on the road. Not only is Continental tire dedicated to producing safe tires, but they are also committed to manufacturing tires that are high in performance and providing customers with excellent support and superior options.

Continental’s History

Continental was first founded in 1871. Manufacturing soft rubber products, rubberized fabrics, and tires for carriages and bikes, Continental was one of the top tire companies of its time. As automobiles became more of a necessity, the popularity of Continental grew. In 1904, Continental was the first company ever to produce a tire with a patterned tread. A few years later, Continental also invented detachable rims. What may seem like a relatively small invention to most was a huge invention to mechanics, as the detachable rim helped to save them a great deal of effort and time when changing a tire.

Other significant dates in Continental’s history include 1926 (when carbon black was introduced), 1936 (when synthetic rubber was introduced), and 1997 (when they invented the Integrated Starter Alternator Damper.

How to Choose the Right Tire

When you buy a new set of tires, there are a variety of things that you need to think about. Included within these considerations is the type of driving that you do, as well as the type of weather that you drive in. Other things that you will need to know before choosing a tire for your vehicle include the make and model of your vehicle (not all tires fit with all models), the size of the tire needed, the features you are looking for, and the budget that you have in mind. After you have made these considerations, head to the Continental website to browse through their extensive list of tires, or you can visit a local retailer near you.

What Else Does Continental Sell?

Yes, Continental tires produce and manufacture top of the line tires. Tires are not the only things that they manufacture though. Other products that you will find by Continental tire include chassis systems, safety systems, and brake systems.

Are you in need of new tires? If so, try Continental tires. There are four main goals of Continental tires; safety, comfort, performance, and sustainability. Of course, these are all features that we should look for when buying new tires. So if this is what Continental offers, why not give them a try? For more information, view Continental’s website or visit your local retailer.

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